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KITO, Naoko
Co-Founder, Director

My mission is to enrich today.
When we recognize that we only live once, we are reminded how precious each and every day is.
HIGH5 was born out of a desire to be close to those in need and to help them in any way we can.
We need foreigners to come and live in Japan, but Japan is not yet cosmopolitan.
Having lived outside of Japan for more than 20 years, I wish to take part in making Japan a place where both Japanese and foreigners can live in peace and in prosperity.

Co-Founder, Director

My mission is to keep upgrading the standards of the norm.
It is my job to identify “small discrepancies” in services and advance them to the “big growth” of the organization.
HIGH5 supports everyone who faces challenges in moving to Japan for business or study.
As my first job, I wish to constantly challenge myself as a member of HIGH5 and accomplish an achievement together with all who are involved in HIGH5.

KUME, Kazuki
Co-Founder, CFO

My mission is to support people who are up for challenges.
It is my job is to contribute to the growth of the organization by supporting the launch of businesses, including fundraising.
I wish to take part in making HIGH5 an organization at which each and every member works as one and heads on the destined path, with a firm grasp of both ideals and reality.
It would make my day if I could support those involved in HIGH5 and lead them on the path to solutions, drawing on my experiences working at a bank and assisting startups.

First CEO and Chief Designer

My mission is to understand the personal quality, potential and wishes of our members and guide them into the desired direction.
It is also my job to design all aspects of the business, from the design of the self-starting organization to the design of the service brand.
The field of my research is the organizational behavior and human resource management, including leadership and followership, and I thrive to make HIGH5 an organization with high work engagement.
Having worked and run my own businesses in Japan and the US, I wish to continue to understand the challenges and design solutions for everyone involved in HIGH5.

ZHAO, Qian
Co-Founder, Director

My mission is to make communication more efficient.
It is my job to accurately identify the needs of users and provide the best solutions.
I wish to challenge myself and try my best to surpass the infinity and bring smiles to our users.
HIGH5 will be the bridge over countries across the world and aims to make life more comfortable for people all over the world.

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