About HIGH5

Brighten the future.

In the spring of 2022, group work was assigned in the Strategic Management class at a graduate school. The assignment was to develop a “business model that brightens the future.”

In May of the same year, five of us, selected through a random process, began to contemplate a business model that would brighten the future. Two months later, in July, we presented “HIGH5”, one stop service for international students visiting Japan. Then, in September, we decided to commercialize it.

Delivering joy and happiness of high fiving through a business model that will brighten the future. This is our driver.

As such, brightening the future has become our mission as well as our raison d’etre.

One Stop Service for foreigners.

Many foreign tourists, international students, expatriates and immigrants visit Japan every year. They face many challenges such as language and cultural barriers and complicated procedures before and after their arrival in Japan. When we lived outside of Japan, we too wished that there was a “one stop service” to help us.

Our vision is to “brighten the future through one stop service for foreigners”.

About the company name.

Our initial group name was “Group 5”, assigned in the Strategic Management class. During a group work meeting, it suddenly occurred to one member….

Don’t we give high five when we are happy?
How about HIGH 5 as our group name?

Then we became High Five1. Our core value is to share the joy of high fiving.

1. High Five is “the action of hitting someone’s open hand with your own above your heads to show that you are pleased about something”., by Longman Dictionary.

Our Logo

Wouldn’t people high-five each other when they are open with one another? The concept for the logo was born when reading a book.

An imaginary “heart” appeared in the lower half of the number “5”.

Company Profile

One Stop Service for foreigners

High Five LLC

No.2 Kyoto Building 402
227 Daikoku-cho, Shimogyo-ku
Kyoto, 600-8223, Japan


Brighten the future.


Provide “One Stop Service for foreigners
today and indefinitely.

Core Value

Share the joy of high fiving
with foreigners with hope and dreams in Japan.


About HIGH5

Our Passion, Mission, Vision, Core Value, and Logo


Messages from Five Co-Founders


How we started till today