April 2022 till Present
  • April 2022
    Admission to Graduate School

    Five members, each with his/her own desire, enrolled in the same graduate school.

  • May 2022
    Establishment of Group 5, which subsequently became HIGH5

    The five members were randomly selected to form a team in the Strategic Management class. HIGH5 became the team concept and the name of the team.

  • June 2022
    Development of business idea

    The team began to consider “one stop service for foreigners” as its first business idea.

  • July 2022
    Presentation of business idea

    The “one stop service for foreigners” idea was presented in the Strategic Management class.

  • September 2022
    Decision to commercialize

    The team began to develop conception, including business plan.

  • February 2023
    Preparation for incorporation

    The team began to prepare for incorporation, upon the completion of the first year of the master’s program.

  • March 2023

    On March 28, one year after admission, HIGH5 was incorporated.

    By Kamogawa River, Kyoto
  • May 2023
    Launch of “tofu5” service offering

    On May 1, Japan living 101, Japan Immigration Guide for Beginners, was launched.

As of May 1, 2023


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